Woman arrested for causing fire, arson in Lakeland apartment building

A man has been arrested for setting fire to an apartment building in Lake Land and causing a blaze that has destroyed an apartment and damaged property.

Key points:A 46-year-old woman was arrested after she was found hiding in an apartment at the Lakeland Property Group on the morning of November 9Police say she hid in the apartment for hours after the fire beganPolice say the fire started when she was caught with her childrenThe woman was taken to hospital for treatment of minor burnsPolice say they are still searching for the other occupant of the apartmentThe blaze at the property, located in Lake Harbour, took place at about 9:30am (AEDT).

Police say a 46-month-old girl and her baby, a two-month old girl, were inside the apartment when the fire broke out.

“At the time of the fire, the apartment was occupied by the occupants of the building and the fire occurred due to an unoccupied bedroom in the living room,” Lakeland Fire Department spokesperson Jennifer McCarty said.

“There were no residents or other occupants of that apartment at that time.”

Police were called to the property shortly after 11:30pm and a firefighter and a medical team arrived to find a blaze and a fire extinguisher.

Ms McCarty says the fire was extinguished before it spread to the apartment.

“The resident of the apartments were able to escape the flames,” she said.

The woman has been charged with arson, reckless endangerment, and unlawful confinement.