Watch: What to Know About Hurricane Irma’s Potential to Affect Brazil, Argentina

On Friday, the storm brought heavy rains to the northeastern part of the country.

Brazil has been dealing with several hurricanes over the past few months, including a catastrophic storm that killed over 4,000 people in February.

The country is also experiencing a serious drought that has caused shortages of food, fuel, and water.

Brazil is now in the middle of a severe drought that will likely worsen as the country’s population grows.

In Argentina, another country hit by Irma, officials are bracing for an even more intense hurricane season.

The Argentine state of Santa Fe, which is located in the center of the island nation, is experiencing record-setting rainfall.

According to the National Weather Service, Santa Fe recorded more than 18 inches of rain on Friday.

The storm could bring even more heavy rainfall to the capital, Buenos Aires, and the state of Coatzacoalcos, where the capital has experienced unprecedented rainfall in 2017.