What to expect in the upcoming French presidential election

Ahead of a crucial runoff on May 8, French voters will get to decide whether to elect their next president. 

On Monday, Emmanuel Macron is set to be the frontrunner, but there are also two other candidates who have been mentioned as possibilities for the first round: the former president, Marine Le Pen, and centrist Francois Fillon. 

The race is set for May 7, when the winner is expected to face the other candidate. 

According to a recent poll by the independent French polling firm BVA, Macron will win 45.6% of the vote, while Fillon will win 43.2%. 

The election is also expected to determine whether France will have a new conservative government led by Emmanuel Macron. 

In May, Fillon said he would run for the presidency, as he was forced to withdraw due to a corruption scandal. 

Macron, meanwhile, has said he will run for president once again in 2019, though he has not yet said which party he will join. 

However, the poll found that Macron is far ahead of Le Pen. 

Fillon, who has been a thorn in Macron’s side for a long time, has made clear that he would prefer to have a different role in the new government, according to a source familiar with the situation. 

This article was updated to include the results of the poll.