How to make the best of the storm: What to do and how to get there

The storm is moving inland and it’s getting darker, so this is a great time to plan ahead and make the most of it.

We can get more out of the night than we might otherwise.

The storm will pass on Friday, May 19, leaving the U.S. to get back to normal.

But we’re all still at risk for serious weather problems from the storm.

The National Weather Service (NWS) and the U,S.

Army Corps of Engineers have issued a flood watch in many areas in and around the storm-prone southern and western half of the country.

But even if the weather stays mostly cool and sunny throughout the weekend, there’s still a chance of flooding in the low-lying areas of Texas and Louisiana.

Here are some things you need to know to stay safe.

Where are we in the storm?

The storm started late Saturday and is expected to stay put until Monday, possibly for weeks.

The NWS has issued a tropical storm warning for parts of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, with flash flooding and severe thunderstorms possible.

The strongest storm is expected in the central and southern U..

S., which includes Texas, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Harris County, Texas.

The weather is expected over the weekend and into the next week, but the strongest winds could be in the southern Gulf Coast states.

Where to go in the United States?

To make it through the weekend it will be difficult to travel from one place to another because of flooding and poor visibility.

If you can, get out and about as much as possible, and consider taking shelter in an air conditioned vehicle, especially if you live in the Houston area.

But you may want to consider taking some basic precautions before leaving home.

Check with your local county for road closures and other advisories.

Check to see if any roads are closed to vehicles to avoid possible accidents.

Do not drive during the peak of the storms in the next few days, especially during the last days of the week.

Traveling in areas where there is an increased risk of flooding is especially important for the following reasons: Roads that are closed will be used to carry goods to stores and grocery stores, and these roads will have the most likely to flood during a storm.