Why do Argentines eat lobster?

A port-based restaurant in Buenos Aires is offering a lobster roll with a twist, with a fried egg on top and a fried potato on top.

The dish, called Port Angeles, was created by chef Maria Pico and his wife Maria Teresa Pico in collaboration with Argentinian restaurant owner, and entrepreneur, Maria Teresa Porte.

“The lobster roll is very popular and we had this idea to have the lobster roll in an avocado,” Ms Porte said.

“And it was very delicious.

The eggs were delicious, the potatoes were delicious.””

I am very happy about the success of the project,” Ms Pico said.

The Lobster Roll is a lobster dish made from a combination of lobster meat and vegetables.

It consists of lobster, onions, tomatoes, egg, butter and fried potatoes on a flour tortilla.

It is a “family” dish that has been made in the couple’s home in Porto Aureo.

“I’m a big fan of all sorts of dishes,” Ms Padilla said.

“I like this dish because it’s a family dish.”

Ms Padilla has been cooking with lobster for several years and had a taste for it.

“It’s really easy, the texture of it is really good,” she said.

Ms Padillas husband, Mr Porter, also enjoyed the dish and has cooked with it in the past.

“For a few years we’ve been cooking together, we love making lobster, but now that we’re doing it together, it’s really fun,” Mr Porter said.

Mr Porter said he and Ms Padillas “have a lot in common”.

“We’re both foodies and we love seafood, we’ve got a good relationship with the seafood industry,” he said.”[We] like to cook together and enjoy each other’s company.”

Ms Porte also cooked up a lobster-flavored cheese sandwich, which was served on top of the lobster dish.

“We wanted to make something that is a little bit different from our other sandwiches,” Ms Breslin said.

But it was the lobster that was the real hit with diners, Ms Padila said.

Her husband said he “knew it was going to be the perfect meal”.

“I have never seen such a good thing,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“When we went to pick up the lobster it was a big hit, it was perfect.”

Ms Pico is also happy with the success.

“This was a project that was created out of love and for the love of our family,” she told ABC radio.

“There is nothing else like it, and the people that have been there for the last 20 years have been very good to us.”


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