Xiaomi Mi5X vs OnePlus 5X: Pros, Cons and Specs

A few days ago, Xiaomi announced that it was working on a new smartphone.

At the time, we asked for an invite to the press event, but received no response.

We’ve now received an invite via email, and we’ve put together a quick rundown of the new smartphone, which Xiaomi is calling the Xiaomi Mi 5X.

The Xiaomi Mi series is aimed at premium smartphone buyers who want the best features for a reasonable price.

The Mi 5 is a high-end smartphone with a very attractive design, but it’s not the only one that Xiaomi has designed.

The company has also launched the Mi 4 and Mi 4 Pro, two smaller flagships.

We expect the Mi 5 to be even more affordable, as Xiaomi is planning to launch a new series of phones every two years.

The Mi 5 looks like it could be a pretty good phone at its price point, with an aluminium design that’s quite thin.

It’s the same design as the Xiaomi Pro series, but this time around Xiaomi is using a metal frame that’s made up of plastic instead of metal.

The design is meant to make it easier to take the phone with you, but Xiaomi doesn’t claim that it’s as durable as the Pro series.

There are two types of cameras on the Xiaomi 5X, one for selfies and one for video.

We tested the selfie camera, which has a 1/2.3-inch sensor and is designed to record video.

Xiaomi has made a number of other improvements to the selfie sensor, including its wide angle lens and a wider aperture lens.

The rear camera is an 8MP camera with optical image stabilization.

It has an f/2 aperture, which allows it to capture a more detailed image and can also take still images.

Xiaomi claims that the rear camera can record 1080p video, but we’ve yet to see any of its footage.

We do know that the Xiaomi 3D cameras are capable of 1080p recording, but only with HDR.

The Xiaomi Mi 3D is a bit of a mixed bag.

It shoots 1080p at 120fps, but when we tested it we noticed that there were some slow-downs, especially when shooting in low-light conditions.

There’s also a shutter lag issue with the Xiaomi Xiaomi 3, which can make video look grainy.

The other camera on the phone is a 12MP shooter that’s designed to capture video.

It features a wide-angle lens that’s f/1.8 aperture, allowing it to record videos at up to 1080p resolution.

Xiaomi says that the camera has a built-in LED flash and HDR capability.

The camera is also waterproof and dustproof, which are good features for those who might need to take selfies.

We also like that the front-facing camera can take selfies, though it has a limited recording time.

Xiaomi hasn’t revealed pricing on the Mi 6, though there is no mention of it on the Chinese site Xiaomi China.

It will reportedly launch on March 11.

While Xiaomi has been promising us the Mi6, the company has yet to officially announce it.

We have a few suggestions, but in the meantime, Xiaomi has just released the Mi5S.

This is the first phone in the Xiaomi line to use the Snapdragon 820 processor, which is capable of up to 5.5GHz and has a 2.5Ghz boost speed.

The phone is expected to launch on April 6, and the price will be around $500.

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