Rob Porter: Portugal’s Bakery is one of the nicest places to work

Porto’s Bakeries is one the nichest places to be a baker in Portugal, and it has the same reputation as the famous La Bocca bakery.

It’s a family-run business, founded in 1935 by brothers Robert and João Porter.

Porto’s is famous for its pastry, with its signature bread, and its signature fruit cake.

There are many famous Portuguese desserts, but the best are made here.

“Porto is a family bakery.

If you go to Porto, you can make your own desserts.

It is like a mini-Café, you just have to look,” João told TalkSport.”

There are so many sweets and you can get everything you want, but it’s also very nice to make yourself a pastry.

I can’t recommend it enough.

I think you can do anything here.””

There’s something about being part of the family that’s really good.

It can be hard to get into a bakery, but there’s so much joy in being part, so it’s good to know you have a family.

It helps make a good life here.”

For João, his family-owned business has always been one of his favorite aspects of life in Portugal.

“It is a little bit like being at home.

It gives you a lot of energy and a lot less stress, and I love that.

We make a lot, and that’s what I like about it.

I don’t really know where I’ll work tomorrow, but I will have fun doing it,” he said.

Portugal’s Bakies website and Facebook page have over 40,000 members, with a large number of Portuguese-speaking customers.

João’s father João Sr. opened the bakery in 1935, but João was only five when his father opened the doors.

João’s grandfather João Cade Porter opened his first bakery in 1930, and Joao Sr. followed in his father’s footsteps, opening his own bakery in 1936.

Joao Porter’s family owned the bakery, and their daughter, Maria, became one of João Jr. business partners.

“We have a lot to do in this business, but my grandfather Joao is one who always puts his family first.

He has a lot going on in Portugal at the moment, but he’s always been in the kitchen, and he always keeps me in mind,” Joao Jr. said.

Maria Porter said João and his family have always worked together to help make the bakery what it is today.

“My father and my grandfather are very close friends, and we always work together.

It always gives me a lot more pleasure than anything else.

We all make each other happy and make the cake and things so nice, and they make the atmosphere so nice,” she said.”

I don’t think you’d ever find a better family to work with.

There’s so many things you can come up with and have fun with.

They’re a family, and everyone is doing it with the same passion, and you feel like you can trust everyone.

It has been a great experience.”

Portugal has many more bakeries and cafes, and many of the smaller Portuguese bakeries are now also owned by family-based owners.

The Portuguese government has made a number of efforts to encourage new bakeries to open in Portugal and improve the country’s food scene.

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