How to make your own homemade ‘pirate port’

An Oregon man has created a homemade pirate port using only a few pieces of wood and a plastic trash can.

The port, which he calls “Pirate Port 1,” was designed and built out of scrap wood and trash cans, according to the Oregonian.

It was built with a DIY construction method that allowed him to make the entire port out of one piece of wood.

The man’s plan to make his own pirate port began in March, when he and a friend took a trip to California, where he had never seen a pirate ship before.

The plan was to travel back to Oregon to visit relatives and friends, and he hoped to see them in person, the Oregonians reported.

But the plan was derailed when he arrived at a construction site and found a pile of construction materials in the trash can, The Oregonian reported.

When he went to check it out, he found that the entire container was just the same wood, which led him to believe the entire plan was a bad idea.

The project also involved using a PVC pipe, which is more expensive than wood, and also required a large amount of electricity.

The construction company eventually gave up and sold the lumber, which was worth more than the entire project.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the pirate port project was part of the annual Oregon Coast Challenge, a contest to design a coastal path.

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