How do you solve a problem like this?

In January 2018, a former employee at the United Nations Mission in Gaza was killed by a shell fired from a United Nations truck.

Two months later, the United States and Britain withdrew their ambassadors from the UN compound in Gaza.

Now, the UN says it is preparing to leave.

Why are we leaving?

The US and the UK were reluctant to do so, partly because of a UN resolution passed in December 2016 barring the use of force against Israel.

They said it would not allow a new wave of rockets and mortar fire to undermine the legitimacy of the UN’s mandate.

But they were not wrong.

It is not clear that UN-sanctioned attacks on Gaza would have been prevented had they been more forceful.

A UN report released last week, released just weeks after the attack, noted that Israeli military actions during the operation had “led to the deaths of at least 14 civilians, including 12 children, and the wounding of at to at least 33 civilians, all of whom were in their homes”.

The report added that “Israel’s disproportionate response, including its shelling of civilian areas, led to widespread civilian deaths, including injuries, in densely populated areas, as well as damage to civilian infrastructure”.

The UN said the Israeli military had also used disproportionate force against Palestinian civilians in violation of international law.

In a response, Israel said it had “conducted a robust and transparent investigation of the facts”.

The Israeli military said it was taking all necessary measures to avoid civilian casualties.

The UN also issued a report, released on Friday, that said the “use of force and disproportionate response” was a major cause of civilian casualties in Gaza, and that it “did not take into account the possible civilian consequences of Israel’s disproportionate military response”.

It said the US and UK were “considering withdrawing their ambassadors to the UN in the coming months”.

Meanwhile, the US has increased its military presence in Gaza and imposed restrictions on its trade with the Palestinian territories.

“The US has been very clear about its support for the Palestinian Authority,” said John Sopko, the former ambassador to the US.

“We were very clear on the support for Gaza and we were very very clear that the PA needs to stop using disproportionate force.

We’re very disappointed in the US not supporting the Palestinian people.”

The Palestinians’ president Mahmoud Abbas, who led the Palestinians from 2007 to 2017, has been in power since 2015.

His Fatah party is led by President Abbas, but it is not a majority government.

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