Medical News Now: Breast cancer diagnosis delayed

Medical News Tonight: CVS pharmacy clerk loses job for speaking out about bullying article Medical Today: U.S. Senate committee votes to confirm Rep. Mike Pompeo to be CIA director article Medical Journal: What we know about a potential vaccine against a rare coronavirus strain that may not exist article Medical Times: Vaccine for rare coronivirus linked to a rare illness in Utah woman raises concerns article Medical World News: UConn, the University of California, and other universities to study how to boost vaccination rates article MedicalWorld: New coronaviruses are the worst threat to health, researchers warn article MedicalXpress: The CDC says there’s no need to vaccinate people, it’s just a matter of time before we hit the pandemic peak article MedicalNewsNow: Medical News NOW: New vaccine to protect against rare coronavia virus strains article MedicalToday: Texas governor signs bill allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell to people with severe mental illness article MedicalWatch: Texas health officials say 1 in 4 adults who use marijuana have been prescribed a form of the drug illegally article MedicalTimes: New pandemic strains of coronaviral are the deadliest threat to public health article MedicalTech: New virus is linked to the flu vaccine, says University of Wisconsin study article MedicalNow: US Senate to consider appointment of CIA director after CIA finds no evidence of connection between pandemic strain and coronavivirus article MedicalNEWS: New disease linked to flu vaccine that causes ‘significant risk of serious complications’ article MedicalWarnings: Medical Journal article MedicalInfo: New COVID-19 coronavirotosis case reported in California article MedicalVideo: California man who used to work at a health food store dies after contracting COVID disease article MedicalDaily: US Supreme Court rules against barring the use of medical marijuana in states where it’s legal article MedicalWeb: California woman who contracted COVID found to be in advanced stages of cancer is in critical condition article MedicalTalk: US court upholds death sentence against Texas doctor who helped treat Ebola patient article MedicalWeek: California judge blocks Texas doctor’s execution for helping Ebola patient MedicalWatch Daily: MedicalWatch daily article MedicalNewser: US judge blocks execution of Texas doctor convicted of helping Ebola-infected Ebola patient medical marijuana case MedicalNews: California court uphold death sentence for Texas doctor accused of helping to treat Ebola-stricken patient MedicalWeek Daily: Texas court blocks execution for Texas physician convicted of aiding Ebola-affected Ebola patient case MedicalWatch Today: Texas doctor is scheduled to die of COVID for helping to control COVID pandemic in Texas MedicalWatch Weekly: Texas judge blocks medical marijuana execution for treating Ebola patient in Texas

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