Why you should not drink too much of this Kerala cocktail

People often ask us why we drink too many cocktails, but we know that we have a responsibility to drink our share and not overindulge in them.

A lot of people think that we are over-consuming the drinks we are drinking.

If we are going to drink too hard we have to be mindful of how much we drink and how much alcohol we are consuming.

We should not be drinking too much if we want to lose weight or have a happy life.

Drinking too much alcohol is one of the main reasons why people are suffering from anxiety, depression and other problems.

Here are seven reasons why you should avoid the habit of drinking too hard:1.

You are going for a ‘strawberry’ taste: It is not only because of the sugar and flavour of the drink that people associate with this drink.

Many people associate the drink with a sweet strawberry taste.

When people drink this drink they tend to forget about the fact that it is made with sugar and flour.

This causes the drink to taste sweet and sour.2.

You have been drinking too many drinks: It can take some time for the sugar content of the beverage to rise.

When the sugar is not available, it can be hard to maintain the balance between sugar and alcohol.

When you are over consuming this drink, the body becomes less sensitive to the effects of alcohol and the body may become less responsive to the natural body functions that the body performs during a stressful or low blood sugar.

This is a problem that can be worsened by the drinking habits of people who drink heavily.3.

You want to be more relaxed: When you drink too often, your body will not be able to process the alcohol properly and it will get into a state of sleepiness.

When this happens, the drink may even become a bit boring and unappealing.4.

You can’t remember your last drink: If you drink a lot, it may take a while for the memory to go away.

This can cause you to have a very bad hangover.5.

It makes you feel tired: If alcohol consumption is not being taken seriously, you may not realise that you have become a lot hungrier than normal.

When your body starts to process alcohol it produces more alcohol, which makes you tired and may cause you some physical symptoms.6.

You find it hard to concentrate: When drinking too often the body tends to get tired of it and gets more active.

This may lead to a feeling of energy, which in turn can lead to headaches and fatigue.7.

You end up eating too much: This is one reason why we find it difficult to control our alcohol consumption.

When we consume too much, our body is producing a lot of alcohol which in the end causes it to be a bit heavy.

It can lead us to be feeling a little tired and feel like we are eating too little.

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