Which is the best jersey for the Super Bowl?

The NFL’s playoff picture is still very murky.

The Dallas Cowboys have an enormous advantage in the NFC East.

The Seattle Seahawks are the favorites for the NFC South title, but the Dallas Cowboys could surprise everyone by winning their division.

Here are the top options to go head-to-head in the postseason:1.

Dallas Cowboys (4-0)Dallas is in a different position than it was a year ago.

The Cowboys had to go through the draft to acquire running back Ezekiel Elliott.

They also needed to move on from defensive end J.J. Wilcox, who had surgery in late March.

The team will likely have to add to that group when it trades for cornerback Byron Jones.

But with Elliott gone, the Cowboys’ offensive line is a big question mark, and the defense could be better.2.

Seattle Seahawks (4.5-1)The Seahawks will have to make some tough decisions this offseason, and they need to be better at getting players on the field and protecting Russell Wilson.

The addition of safety Earl Thomas could help, but it’s hard to imagine the Seahawks getting better at covering tight ends or wide receivers in the second half of the season.

They will also have to get better at blocking.3.

Carolina Panthers (3-1-1, No. 1)The Panthers had the league’s best offense last year, and that could be put to the test this season.

Quarterback Cam Newton was one of the league MVPs, but injuries forced him to play in the middle of the field in the final three games.

Carolina must improve on its pass defense and offensive line, which could be the biggest problem on offense.4.

Denver Broncos (3.5, No, 2)The Broncos have had plenty of success at home, but they are looking to be even better at home this season when it comes to scoring touchdowns.

Running back Knowshon Moreno and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders should provide an explosive offense with a good supporting cast.5.

Green Bay Packers (2-2)The Packers’ offense looked shaky when Aaron Rodgers was hurt, but he is back in the fold.

He is returning from shoulder surgery and will be a major factor on offense, which should help his play.

Offensive tackle Eddie Goldman is a top-five player, but right guard T.

J Jones is still recovering from shoulder surgeries.6.

New Orleans Saints (2.5)The Saints are a team that has been building its identity since the days of Payton and Brees.

The Saints offense is built around wide receiver Brandin Cooks, and Cooks was a big reason why the team won the Super Cup in 2015.

It’s hard not to expect a big boost from quarterback Drew Brees, who could be back next season.7.

Arizona Cardinals (2, No., No. 4)The Cardinals had a huge win over the New York Jets in Week 16, and quarterback Carson Palmer was the most dominant player on the team.

Palmer is back after missing four games with a knee injury, and he should be able to get the Cardinals into the playoffs.

They need to improve on their pass defense, but Arizona’s running game should be a huge factor.8.

Seattle Seahawks (2)Russell Wilson was an MVP candidate last year and was the MVP winner for the Seattle Seahawks last year.

He has been slowed by injuries, but Seattle should be the favorite to win the Super Bow.

Seattle could also look to trade for cornerback Richard Sherman, who is still one of their best players.9.

Detroit Lions (2)-No. 9The Lions have the league leader in turnovers, but that could also help their passing attack.

Quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Jim Caldwell are good enough to win games, but Stafford is still a work in progress.

They should have a better pass defense next year, but there is no guarantee that will happen.10.

Kansas City Chiefs (2).

The Chiefs had a great first half of their season, but a lot of questions about their defense will remain in the offseason.

QuarterBACK Alex Smith is in the midst of a major surgery and his return could take a while.

He should return for the season opener in the regular season, and his ability to protect the ball and get the ball out of the air will be key for Kansas City.11.

Pittsburgh Steelers (1.5)-The Steelers are one of a handful of teams that have a top receiver, but are also a team with a pass defense that is in need of a lot more work.

Running backs Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are the team’s best options.12.

Atlanta Falcons (1)-The Falcons are expected to be a contender in the AFC South, but their offense has a lot to work on.

QB Matt Ryan is the MVP of the NFC West, but Julio Jones could struggle to find the end zone.

The Falcons could try to add another pass-catching weapon at receiver.13.

New England Patriots (1)In a division that has a number of