Weather: porter cable weather service is launching in Mumbai, says chief executive

India’s first cable-based weather service provider is launching nationwide on Tuesday, and it’s likely to help boost the city’s economy.

The company is Porter Cable, a subsidiary of Porter Holdings Pvt.

Ltd., which owns cable and telecom assets including cable-TV and satellite TV networks.

The service, called Porter Weather, is based in the Indian capital.

It will be available on major Indian networks such as VICELAND, Star TV, and Indian Express, said Porter chairman Shailesh Agarwal.

Porter Weather is targeting a range of markets including the city of Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Jaipur, where the company plans to add more channels to its offerings in the coming weeks.

It has been working with a network of local television stations, and is also developing a mobile app that will allow users to receive weather alerts from their phones.

It also has plans to expand into other cities, Agarwa said, adding that the company had started testing the service in Delhi.

The company’s first service, launched in January, is being watched by more than 500 million subscribers.

Agarwal said the company is in talks with several other cities including Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi.

It also has a network in Mumbai.

“We have a partnership with a local TV channel in Delhi, and they are making plans to start providing services to subscribers in Mumbai in the next few days,” Agarwal said.

The startup, which is backed by the World Bank, is also looking at other cities like Delhi and Ahmedabad.

“It’s not a one-trick pony, it has multiple elements.

We have a local content channel in Mumbai that is working on the weather,” Agare said.

He said that Porter is working with the state governments to provide free wi-fi to residents of cities that are getting a lot of rain and that the service would be offered in every city that it reaches.

“There will be some limitations to it, but we want to make sure that the coverage is good and the service is affordable,” Agariwal said.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, Porter said it has received permission from the Maharashtra government to roll out the weather service, adding the service will offer weather alerts in various weather categories.

Porter plans to roll it out across the country over the next three months.

The startup has received approval from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for a nationwide launch, the statement said.

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