How Spain’s President has a huge ‘M’ tattoo on his right arm

In a stunning turn of events, Spain’s president has a “M” tattoo on the left side of his right forearm.

The man has the tattoo in honor of former prime minister Mariano Rajoy, who was shot dead by an assassin in 2011 while visiting his family in hospital.

Spain’s prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, posted the picture on his Facebook page, along with a quote from the late Spanish socialist leader, Antonio Gramsci: “All things must pass, and that is true for us.

The greatest achievement of the Spanish people is to have survived the past century without a war.”

The image, which was widely shared online, was captioned: “Mariano, I salute you with my heart.

You are our man.”

It was first posted in the aftermath of the attack by a group of terrorists on Madrid’s Casa Madrid on February 6, 2015, when Rajoy and Zapateri were on their way to visit their mother in hospital after receiving a fatal bullet wound.

The assassination left Spain reeling for weeks and led to the resignation of Spain’s socialist leader at the time, Luis Sinunaru.

He was later replaced by the right-wing leader, Pedro Sanchez.

Rajoy is now serving a second term as Spanish prime minister.

The Spanish government has called the “M,” a symbol of the country’s socialism, “a symbol of strength and a symbol that is more than a political slogan.”

The caption, however, seems to suggest that Zapater, a former leftist politician who took office in 2019, is still holding the position.

The caption was removed a day later, but the image has remained on Zapateros Facebook page.

The photograph was shared on social media by Spanish politician Javier Soler, who described it as a “remarkable” moment for the country.

“It is the best thing I have seen from the president in this whole year,” Soler said.

Soler is a member of Spain.

His comments were quickly picked up by other Spaniards, including former president, Jose Maria Aznar, who said that the “m” symbol on the president’s arm “seems to be an important symbol.”

The photo has also been shared on Facebook by former prime minster Pedro Sanchez, who has since stepped down from his post.

He has a tattoo of the M, a symbol from the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), on his left arm.

Sanchez was in the midst of his first term as prime minister in 2016 when the Spanish government decided to hold a referendum on whether to change the constitution.

The referendum, which took place on February 7, 2015 in Madrid, resulted in the country being dissolved.

It ended in a defeat for the PSOE and the government.

In December 2018, Sanchez resigned from his role as prime minstership.

The photo, however has remained online for years.

The social media post has been shared over 30,000 times.

In March 2019, Spanish newspaper El Mundo published a story titled: “M-them tattoo on Zapatistas leader’s arm.”

In the article, the paper said that “the tattoo was taken as a souvenir from Zapatista leader Jose Antonio Goya.”

The story was based on photos published by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia and appeared on its Facebook page on March 23, 2019.

The article said that a tattoo depicting a “V” and the words “I Love Spain” was removed by the newspaper on March 17, 2019, hours after El Munda published the article.

The story went on to say that the Spanish Foreign Ministry “condemns this disgusting act.”

A month later, Spain declared the “V-V” symbol illegal.

However, it is still a popular symbol for some leftist groups in Spain, as well as in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Spain has since abolished the symbol and replaced it with a “G” symbol, which means “Glorious.”

The Spanish Government has also said that it will not recognize the “G-V-G” as a political symbol.

However this does not mean that Spain will not support the “E” and “T” symbol of Spain, which has been a symbol for decades in Spain.

“The ‘T’ symbol was created by the government of Spain to mark the beginning of the end of the dictatorship,” the Spanish prime ministracy said in a statement in October 2020.

“At this moment, the ‘G-T’ is not a symbol.

It has a long and painful history, but it has not been used to denigrate the current government, its institutions or the country,” the statement continued.

Spain is the fourth largest economy in Europe, and the second largest economy overall, after the United State.

The economy is expected to grow at an annual rate of about 3.3 percent in 2020.

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