What to Know About the Port of St. Petersburg

Port of Saint Petersburg, the country’s biggest container port, was closed Tuesday for more than six weeks as the U.S. Navy deployed the USS Gerald R. Ford to support Operation Inherent Resolve in the Middle East.

A ship and a warship were also part of the U-2 spy plane deployment to support U.N. operations in Syria.

As the carrier USS Ronald Reagan and a U.K. destroyer sailed from the port, they arrived in the Arabian Sea where the USS John S. McCain is based.

The John S is the first U. S. aircraft carrier to visit Saudi Arabia since the Reagan left the country in 2010.

The Navy has not said when the John S and the Reagan will be back in the U, but the two ships will be returning to the port in the coming weeks.

The carrier USS George Washington, also carrying the Ronald Reagan, is on its way to the Arabian Gulf and is expected to arrive in the Gulf in the next couple of days.

The George Washington was not involved in the military exercises being conducted by the UAS carrier group.

The Reagan is part of a U-22 and U-29 air-to-air refueling mission with a squadron of about 60 F-15 fighters.

The aircraft carriers are part of an Air Combat Command rotation that is meant to maintain U.A.E. and allied forces in the region.

The squadron will conduct more than 80 sorties in the air and land operations in the area over the next few weeks.

There were also six Navy aircraft and one Marine Corps helicopter in the squadron, the Navy said.

The U. Navy has deployed about 20 aircraft carriers in the past several years, with the Ronald Johnson being the last carrier to leave the region in May, 2009.

The Ronald Reagan is the fourth U. s Navy carrier to join the UAV fleet since 2010.