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Alberta Pro Movers and Long Distance Moves: The Perfect Combination

Do you need to make a long distance move? Look no further! We provide you with:

  • We Go Anywhere: Across the country or across the border is all the same to us. We know what documents to prepare and how to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • The Right Trucks: Our fleet covers everything from small pickups to large moving vans. Whether you need to move out of an efficiency flat or a 30-room mansion, we have the right transport options.
  • Movers Who Know Their Stuff: Every mover who handles your belongings is fully trained, certified, and has experience with handling the most precious objects. That includes antiques, china, and other types of fragile items.
  • Safeguards for You: Alberta Pro Movers is fully licensed and certified. We have the resources to ensure each phase of the move is handled safely and efficiently. From blanks to special packing needs, we know what to do.
  • Affordable Rates and Excellent Support: Compare our rates with the competition and you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Couple that with the best customer service and support in the industry and you have a winning combination.
  • Estimates You Can Count On: We don’t create estimates by pulling figures out of the air. Thanks to our 30 plus years in the business and the experience and knowledge at our fingertips, we know how to develop an estimate that’s accurate and free of any type of hidden costs or charges.

Why bother with the rest when you can have the best? Call Alberta Pro Movers today and let’s plan your next move together.