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Third most populous city in Alberta and the center of life – Red Deer is the city to live at. It is a big industrial city situated on the river Deer. It has vast number of oil factories and agriculture distribution. Apart from business world it is well known for its numerous festivals and fairs happening annually. Whether you decided to enlarge your business or set up a life here – Red Deer is the right place to be!

But before you start your ideal life in this beautiful city it is important to find reliable moving services in Red Deer. Alberta Pro Movers is one of the biggest and most trustworthy companies operating in the city for decades. The company’s pillars are quality and customer service to ensure that every clients leaves with positive experience after the relocation.

Red Deer movers offer four main benefits that should give the ground about the statements of reliability and credibility of this company. In short you can read about these advantages below.


Packing is a complicated process and basically is a half of your successful relocation. Our moving company in Red Deer provides services of packing or partial packing as well as unpacking to help you go through relocation smoother and stress free.


We have special insurance plans to ensure your peace of mind when handing over your belongings to our trucks.


In our car park we have only newest and most comfortable moving trucks available in Red Deer today. If you are looking for a long-distance moving offer, then you can move even your car with us!

Moving Services

Red Deer movers have all spectrum of moving services that can satisfy even the most demanding client. We offer commercial moving, residential moving, local moving, long-distance moving, special moving service for valuable items as well as rental services for packing supplies and moving trucks.

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